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Paper Tickets - Delta Air Lines

When the itinerary is ET eligible and the customer requests paper coupons, a $50.00/USD paper ticket service charge will apply; Please note: Travel agencies in the US no longer have the ability to print ET coupons to paper for exchanges, refunds or voids. However, they may exchange an agency issued paper ticket for a new Electronic Ticket (ET).

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Infant Ticket Information - Delta Air Lines

All coupons must have a booked flight segment. Yes - % off and age varies. Check fare rule. Taxes apply. NOTE: Infant ticket details – If a passenger has purchased a fare and is traveling with an infant, the infant must pay 10 percent of the applicable adult fare, plus applicable taxes. The price of the lap infant fare is based on the

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Infant Ticket Information -

All coupons must have a booked flight segment. Delta no longer issues paper tickets. If a ticket needs to be reissued an elctronic ticket will be issued. Contact the GDS or system provider with questions about whether or not an Interline Ticket Agreement exists with Delta that allows infant e-ticketing on Delta-operated flights.

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Electronic Tickets

View tickets with open coupons for up to 24 months after the ticket is issued, allowing travel agencies the ability to exchange or refund the ticket based on the fare rule of the fare purchased. Travel agencies in the US no longer have the ability to print ET coupons to paper for exchanges, refunds or voids. However, they may exchange an agency

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Delta Sky Club & Delta Vacations Discounts

EXCLUSIVE DELTA SKY CLUB DISCOUNT Work, relax and play. As a corporate partner, employees of your company enjoy an exclusive membership offer of 10% off an Executive Membership and 10% off an Individual Membership to Delta Sky Club®, our premium airport lounge.

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Delta's GDS Booking Policy

Back-To-Back Ticketing. Delta's policy as stated in tariff rule 100 specifically prohibits the practice of back-to-back ticketing, which is defined as follows: The issuance or use of coupons from two or more tickets issued at round-trip fares or the combination of two or more round-trip fares end to end on the same ticket, for the purpose of circumventing applicable tariff rules such as

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Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCO)

A Miscellaneous Charges Order (MCO) is an accountable IATA document used to process the payment of qualifying optional services.. Only ARC-accredited travel agencies are currently able to issue an MCO. Travel agencies that report through a Billing and Settlement Plan (BSP) must issue Electronic Miscellaneous Documents – Standalone for payment of qualifying optional services, in accordance

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Commissions - Delta Professional

Below you will find information about Delta's current agency commission structure for the U.S. Additional information regarding Canadian Commissions is also available.. For miscellaneous items such as SkyMiles tickets, Sky Club membership fees, Pre-Paid Ticket Advice (PTA), Miscellaneous Charge Order (MCO), Electronic Miscellaneous Documents-Standalone (EMD-S), In-Flight Courtesy Coupons

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Bereavement Fare – Domestic Travel

In the event of a death of an immediate family member, a customer may have to travel at the last minute. Customers may not have the time to qualify for an advance purchase dicounted fare. To help our mutual customers, we offer special fares

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Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) Service

Unaccompanied Minor - Special Services. Delta provides special services for children who are flying by themselves. Children 5-14 years of age traveling without an adult (18 years plus) are considered an Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) and must participate in the UMNR program.

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